Mandala-Me June 25, 2017 Workshop

Mandala-Me: Journey to Center~Journey to Self.
A 3 hour workshop for women!
Artist and Guide Elizabeth Orleski

$25 per person - call 607-336-2787 to register by June 21st!
Mandalas are ancient symbols of wholeness and working with them has a definite calm, relaxing effect. Creating a Mandala is easy, it can become a tool for healing, a way to connect with Authentic Self, an activity to relieve stress, and so much FUN! YOU can create a Mandala following a simple process the instructor has developed. In this workshop, you will learn about the significance and history of Mandalas, and then create your own unique and meaningful Mandala-Me wall plaque! No artistic experience is necessary. All art supplies are provided by Elizabeth.

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