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Identity Crisis by Tiko El Outa

Friday, November 18, 20225:30 pmFriday, December 2, 20227:00 pm

Untitled, Oil on canvas, 2() '24'



Tiko El Outa is an artist who explores the deeper truths of the individual and raises questions of identity, authenticity, and realness in her art. Her Identity Crisis collection is a three-year exploration of how global factors such as politics, society, ideology, consumer psychology, and family ties affect the individual and what changes it provokes.

''Even a second of freedom is worth more than a 1ifetime of imprisonment,'' says Tiko. ''I have been seeking freedom all my life, and at the same time, I was aware of the evil self. My grandmother grew up in Georgia under the communist regime. She didn't know what freedom meant, so she accepted life under extreme restrictions. On the other hand, my mother grew up with the idea of breaking that bond and had a deep desire for independence, so one day, we fled to Germany. I experienced two extremes- pure chaos and pure order.

Understanding both sides, which are good and bad, makes you the negotiator. There will follow multiple Identity crises, but the question remains: Who the hell am I? What am I doing with my life? What is my history? How do I integrate my evil self? What role does social influence play?
Every thought follows the truth, and only truth can be told by the Artist."

Tiko visually depicts chaos, indecision, fears, incomprehension, and anxiety through bright, saturated colors and pronounced strokes. In the realm of the unknown and total disorder, the ominous takes on a negative connotation, but is self really that evil, or is that what we are all taught? Even though all of the paintings in the collection are untitled, they appear as a single thread of storytelling - each artwork transitions into another, like pieces of personality magnetically attracted and revealing their story to whoever is willing to look. Healthy aggression and manifestation is the free self, and it doesn't have to be Evil anymore. It is simply there and ready to reveal itself to the viewer.

Tiko El Outa is a Georgian German multidisciplinary artist based in New York and Berlin. Her painting journey began when she started wondering, as an actress, how the world functions and how to put this knowledge into the human living experience.
Each of the mediums that Tiko uses in her art is for self-discovery and experimentation. She loves working with oils and acrylics, molding paste, and glass. Through poetry and painting, she talks about her discoveries and insights into the universe.
In 2016, Tiko published a collection of poems Wenn Die Leidenschaft Ruft in Germany. In 2021, she exhibited online her collection, You Are Not Alone. The new collection, Identity Crisis, is a deep exploration of herself at multiple levels and an act of self-acceptance.