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The Mariea Brown & Raymond Loft Gallery is available for viewing Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – please stop at the main office and we will open the Gallery for you.

Gallery Openings and Exhibits are always free and open to the public.

CASA 2019

2019 Lucy Funke and Chenango Music Scholarship winners Matthew Ryan, Riley Webster and Andrea Dempsey

2019 Student Art Show Winners

1st Place, Mixed Media.  Samantha Emerson

Honorable Mention, Mixed Media. Katelyn Vanderwal

Honorable Mention, Painting. Gillian Mulder

2nd Place, Drawing. Katherine Backman

Best in Show 2019, Riley Webster

Honorable Mention, 3-D Art.  Donavan Mullins

Complete List of Winners

Lucy Funke Scholarship:


Riley Webster

Andrea Dempsey


Chenango Music Scholarship:


Matthew Ryan


CASA Student Art Show


Best In Show:  Riley Webster



1st Place: Guin Warren

2nd Place: Katherine Backman

Honorable Mention:  Savia Boyer

Honorable Mention: Raven Rivenburge




1st Place: Ashley Spooner

2nd Place: Lauren Squires

Honorable Mention: Abi Natoli

Honorable Mention: Gillian Mulder


Mixed Media

1st Place: Samantha Emerson

2nd Place: Romeo Rapp

Honorable Mention: Katelyn Vanderwal



1st Place: Shanee Baker Bush

2nd Place: Bailey Lagoe

Honorable Mention: Skyler Hoag

Honorable Mention: Donavan Mullins



1st Place: Madisyn Stowell

2nd Place: Willow Austin

Honorable Mention: Willow Austin